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Name: Susan Bones
PB: Amy Acker (known as WiniFred/illyria on Angel)
House: Hufflepuff
Birth date: July 27
Bloodline: Pure-Blood
Possessions Always on This Person: A silver ring her mother gave her when she was a little girl.
First Impression: Quiet and reserved.
Quirks/Habits: She likes go somewhere to clear her mind like under a tree or climbing up a tree to sit and think. She likes to be alone a lot of time just to get away and relax. But she likes her just close friends. She does not have a lot friends but just enough. She really is not one for parties. She likes dancing and all bit sometimes it gets to be too much.
Likes: Reading, taking photos, having fun with friends.
Dislikes: Mean people, liars
Quidditch: Every occasionally she will go watch some games. But she not really into Quidditch.
Favourite Classes: Divination.
Friends: Hannah, Neville
Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight
Appreciates: Just having a space when she needs it.
Frowns upon: Slytherins
Past Relationships: None
Zodiac Sign: Leo.
Ambitions: She wants to become a Nurse. So she wants to be Intern.
Fears: Snakes and the buggies.